• - Class 100 Cleanroom in-house
  • - Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • - Solid State Drive Data Recovery
  • - Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • - Memory Card Data Recovery
  • - Encrypted Drive Recovery
  • - Flash Drive chip removal data recovery
    ("chip-off") on physically damaged flash drives
  • - RAID, SAN, NAS, Multi-Drive Server Data Recovery
  • - Precision PCB component repair and
    Re-programming of PCB board data components. 



PC Recovery Data Recovery Lab is a Professional level member of IPDRA - the International Professional Data Recovery Association (http://ipdra.org). 











Initial Status Update within 24 hours of receipt of drive.  Drives are worked on during normal business hours.  Typically 3-7 business days.

EXPEDITED SERVICE: Initial Status Update within 12 hours of receipt of drive.  Drives are worked on during normal business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays.  72 hour guarantee (if recovery is successful and takes longer than 72 hours, Standard Service rates apply).


Recovered Data placed onto external drive and shipped back to you via FedEx or UPS overnight.

HIGH PRIORITY SHIPPING: Recovered Data placed onto two external drives and shipped back to you via FedEx and UPS priority overnight service. 

DOWNLOAD: Your data is moved onto a secure FTP server and you are provided access so you can download your data immediately. 

If you are local to Lafayette, you can also drop off a blank (new) external or bare drive and we'll be happy to put your data on your drive. 


We will create an encrypted image of your recovered data and ship the encrypted image to you.  Note: this service available only within the USA.




  • - Forensic Imaging of devices involved in litigation.
  • - Chain of Custody
  • - Forensic retrieval of deleted data
  • - Forensic Analysis and Examination
  • - Certified Computer Forensic Examiner
  • - Forensic Services offered by PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc.



Advanced Data Recovery at an Affordable Price

PC Recovery LLC is a full-service data recovery company located in Lafayette Louisiana.  We perform logical data recovery (i.e. deleted file recovery, file system corruption repair etc.) and physical data recovery (recoveries that require internal parts replacements and/or electronics board repair), including sophisticated cleanroom work and precision PCB repairs and re-programming.  Our experienced data recovery technicians utilize specialized,  cutting-edge data recovery tools and have recovered hundreds of crashed and damaged hard drives.  With a Class 100 cleanroom in-house, we are equipped to perform the highly delicate internal parts replacements required if your drive has suffered a physical failure (crash).  

We perform all recoveries in-house - unlike so many companies that advertise "data recovery", we are NOT just a drop-off depot that ships your drive off to some other service provider, where you typically have no control over where your drive is or who has access to your data.  PC Recovery Data Recovery Lab is a full-service data recovery lab with highly proficient and experienced technicians.    Your drive doesn't leave our facility, and you can speak directly to the technicians working on your case.  If you have special processing requirements, such as implementing additional security steps for your particular case, all you have to do is give us a call to discuss your needs and we will go out of our way to accommodate you.  

Once we have finished the evaluation phase of your data recovery, to assist you in deciding whether to proceed, we will provide you with a file listing showing which files are recoverable and their status, along with a firm quote on your recovery.  If you are local, you are also welcome to come on in and take a look at your recovered data before making a decision whether to proceed, or you can give us a call if you have a questions or concerns regarding particular files. 

Our pricing is honest and competitive - many times less than half of what some of the "big-name" data recovery companies may charge.  To get an estimate on what your data recovery job will run, use our "Request Estimate" feature above. 

PC Recovery LLC is a Professional member of the IPDRA, the International Professional Data Recovery Association (see http://www.ipdra.org).  PC Recovery LLC is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana with an A+ rating, and a member of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. 

We are located at 102 Westmark Blvd (on the corner of Johnston and  Westmark, two redlights from the Johnston / Ambassador Caffery intersection). Give us a call at 337-326-4295 to discuss your case today!  Our normal hours are Monday - Friday 9-12 and 1-4, but we are happy to make a special appointments on weekends for urgent matters. Just give us a call at 337-326-4295!

If you have accidentally deleted files, stop using the computer or device

Discontinuing use of the device will maximize your chances of successful recovery of the deleted files.  Continued use of the device may cause the deleted data to be overwritten, at which point it will be irretrievably lost.  'Continued use' means ANY use; for example, even though you may not realize it, simply browsing the Internet for a few minutes can create hundreds or thousands of files on your computer - your computer saves a copy of just about everything you see in your browser onto your local drive.  This action could potentially overwrite the deleted files you want to recover and cause them to be irretrievably lost.  

Also, a note of caution: if anyone advises you to INSTALL FILE RECOVERY SOFTWARE on the SAME drive you have deleted files on, be aware that installing software, just like browsing the Internet,  creates files on your drive, an action that could potentially OVERWRITE the very files you are trying to recover! 



If your device is not recognizing, clicks, is not powering up...

...is not showing any files, is making scraping or 'singing' noises, gets really hot, or smells burnt, etc., stop using the device IMMEDIATELY. Continuing to power up and attempting to access a damaged drive can render your drive unrecoverable and cause your data to be irretrievably lost.

Power off your computer or other device and remove the hard drive, flash drive or memory card. Discontinuing use will maximize your chances of a successful recovery.  

Give us a call at 337-326-4295 to discuss your case!


Servers, RAID, SAN and NAS Data Recovery (up to 16 drives)



 We recover and rebuild all types of RAID. If you have a crashed RAID array, SAN or NAS, please make a note of both physical and logical drive order before removing drives.   Please also note the type of controller card.  (You do NOT need to send the controller card to us; you only need to provide the make/model.)



SSD vs. Mechanical Hard Drive